Tired of empty marketing promises and breakfast marketers? Then you have come to the right place. At Gorgona Studio, we believe in evidence-based marketing. How is it? Very easy. We use only tools with a proven effect, and we work for results.


What can we do?

How are we better than others?

How are we better than others?

Gorgona Studio is a team of professionals who are busy with their work. For each project, we appoint a manager who will be in touch with you and specialists with experience in your business.


We are contacted by:

  • Understand why the business is not profitable,
  • Correct the mistakes of past marketers,
  • Launch a new product on the market,
  • Create a clear development strategy,
  • Claim your brand online,
  • Achieve growth in sales and market share,
  • Strengthening business with additional tools.

The client
has already trusted us

This is if we work together in a team, and before that, every team member went through his own marketing school. So we will not learn from your business.
We promoted businesses in Turkey, Lithuania, Canada, Poland, Israel, the USA, Thailand, Taiwan, Uzbekistan, and our native Ukraine.
We can do anything from concept and ideation to implementing these ideas and their improvement.

Our projects and cases


Why choose us?


Only the strongest marketers ready for non-standard and complex tasks remain in our team.
Each of us has something to be proud of, and this experience based on real projects makes us cooler than others.




“Together, we will raise your business from its knees”

Development of a functional marketing strategy, selection of channels, and implementation




“Let’s do evidence-based marketing”
Strategic marketing and marketing research, analysis, and expertise


Oleksandr Drobotska

Head of Sales

“My task is not to steam but to help pick up”

Customer support, lead processing, sales audit, cost calculation




“Busy, creating a wooooooow effect”
Development of identity design, logos, corporate style, and typography

Volodymyr Trifonov


“Tactics without a strategy are just a ruckus before defeat

Email marketing, setting up web analytics and CRM systems


Margarita Pientak


“Looks like you have a new job. Which one, you ask?
Raise the jaws of your customers…

Marketing on social networks Quora, Pinterest, Reddit


Are you drawing up a cooperation agreement?

Yes, we are for the safety of both parties, so before starting cooperation, we will draw up a document with your and our rights and obligations and calmly get down to business!


Do you promote goods and services in foreign markets?

Of course! We have case studies with projects from ten different countries. So, if you have planned something big and want to show it to the world, the Gorgona Studio team will help you.


Can you build a site from scratch, populate it, and get it up and running?

Yes, we will help you even if you come to us with an idea. We will determine your goals and wishes, prepare a work plan, agree with you, and start creating.


Do you have a service for outstaffing specialists?

So. We can provide your company with our specialist if he will not be too busy saving the planet from aliens.


How do you decide which marketing tool is right for your business?

We always start with audits and analyses to understand what we are dealing with and what we can offer. We will study your business, the processes inside it, the website, and social networks - in general, and we will analyze everything down to the smallest detail to understand how we can achieve stability, sales, and other goodies. We are always in touch, speak in clear language, and explain all the nuances. Therefore, working with us, you will learn marketing yourself and begin to understand why and why we use this or that tool.


What specialists do you have on your team?

We have marketers, SEO specialists, SMM geniuses, PPC and targeting masters, cool designers, and web developers. We have a full house, not a team.


When should you start promoting your business on the Internet?

By contacting the Gorgona studio and consulting for free at your request.


How is your communication process structured?

We support dialogue in such a way that it is convenient for customers. We can meet on ZOOM, call via Telegram, chat, or speak if necessary. We have different tools for each client. We can even send you pigeons.


Не зволікай! Ми чекаємо саме на тебе
Не зволікай! Ми чекаємо саме на тебе

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